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  • struggling to be profitable?
  • wasting time and money trading?
  • confused which trading strategy to follow?
  • fed up with self-proclaimed “trading gurus”?
  • … don’t know where to start your trading journey?

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STOP! I know exactly how you feel, I was in the same position in 2018. Today, I am a profitable retail trader thanks to the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management – ITPM. I am an official ITPM alumni, have done three out of four online courses and participated in a Thailand mentoring with Anton Kreil. My results were so good that Anton even asked me to do a webinar with him in 2022.

You just discovered ITPM and want to find out…

… what Anton Kreils Trading School does and how they operate?

… if there ITPM does online and in person seminars?

You KNOW about ITPM but wondering if…

… People actually make money after they’ve gone through ITPM Courses?

… Anton Kreils trading education and courses are worth it and the real deal?

…there are discounts available as you don’t want to pay the full price?

What do former ITPM Students say about Anton Kreils Trading Courses?

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Recap 2022-2023: How I made more than $170,000 or 163% profit trading Stock Options

Thanks to the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) Courses, Anton Kreil and my own commitment! Take a look at the webinar I did in 2022 after my mentoring with Anton Kreil for proof of portfolio starting amount!

About me

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM), founded by ex-Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil, helped me on my journey to become a Profitable Retail Trader

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Review of ITPM Courses

The courses of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management helped me massively to become a profitable retail trader. I genuinely believe that ITPM provides the best trading education on the market – but not everything is perfect. Find out more in my reviews

Results of my Mentoring with Anton Kreil

In September 2022 Anton Kreil asked me and another one of his former mentees, if we want to do a webinar with him. After the Thailand class in April 2022 and the following mentoring with Anton from Mai to July 2022 I thought it was great opportunity to show what I have learned and how I have progressed to become a Profitable Retail Trader

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ITPM Thailand Mentoring

After completing my first ITPM Course, the PTM 1.0 (the predecessor of the PTM 2.0), I knew I want to do a mentoring. After a thorough analysis I decided to attended the April 2022 Thailand mentoring class

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