Thanks to the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management ITPM Courses, Anton Kreil and my own commitment! Take a look at the webinar I did in 2022 after my mentoring with Anton Kreil for proof of portfolio starting amount of around $102,000. Read the disclaimer regarding financial advise.

2023 Trading Statistics and Performance Proof


Trades Done


Total Profit


Percentage Profit

You can find a screenshot of my 2023 profit from my brokerage platform below. It is provided by Gainskeeper, a US service that keeps track of all your trades for tax purposes. Personally I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of trades, my performance and my live positions at any time. It is my main tool for risk management.

Gainskeeper 2023 1
Gainskeeper Profit and Loss Statement 2023

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2022 Trading Statistics and Performance Proof


Trades Done


Total Profit


Percentage Profit

You can find a screenshot of my 2022 profit from my brokerage platform below. This was my first year taking trading seriously and the year I did the mentoring with Anton Kreil.

Gainskeeper 2022 1
Gainskeeper Profit and Loss Statement 2022

ITPM Course Recap 2023 Winners – What have been great winners for me?

In 2023 I had 10 trades who individually made more than 150% profit. My best trade percentage wise was Symbotic (SYM) with a +500% profit! The best in dollar terms was Celsious Holdings (CELH) with $43k in a single trade. Find out how I did it with real-life examples below. I will guide you through my best winners, the biggest losers and my thought process.

Celsius Holdings (CELH)

My biggest winner in absolute terms was Celsius Holdings, an energy drink producing company in the US. One single trade made me $43k almost a 350% profit in 15 days. I initiated the trade on the 24th of April and closed it on May 9th. This trade was a classic setup that I’ve learned in the ITPM Courses, especially in the Stock Trading Course Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM). Celsius Holdings was firing on all cylinders for some time. They had ridiculous good revenue and earnings projections and got into a partnership with PepsiCo buying around 5% of CELH. The partnership enabled CELH to use the distribution network of PepsiCo, meaning massive improvements.

iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)

Long 20+ year US treasuries in the second half of 2023 was a consensus trade. There were a lot of indications that interest rates have peaked and that the FED was done hiking. I usually try to avoid consensus trades beacause quite often the opposite happens from what the ‘herd’ believes will happen. Fortunately I was still able to make some money, to be precise my long lag of the trade made $40k or around 290%.

Unfortunately the trade was a calendar spread (I explain how they work in the youtube webinar) and my short leg was losing around $-24k. Overall I still made $16k on the trade. Without the short leg it would have been an awesome trade.

ITPM Courses: TLT

CrowdStrike (CRWD)

I traded CrowdStrike, a US company that provides worldwide cybersecurity solutions, multiple times in 2023. I made more than $60k profits alone with this stock in 2023. Increasing cybersecurity threats and rising global tensions are a theme for quite some time now.

The homerun trade for me has definitely been Long 15 December $212.50 Calls. I initiated the trade on November 24th and closed it after only 21 days for a profit of $37k or 273% on December 15th.

Upstart Holdings (UPST)

Upstart operates a cloud-based AI lending platform in the US. Their product is to aggregate consumer demand for loans and connects it to its network of banks and credit union partners. If I recall correctly, this stock hat ridiculous short interest at that time, meaning a lot of people were short the stock. When a stock bounces back or rallys this can often fuel the rally further, because people that are short have to buy back their shares! I traded UPST a few times in 2023, making around $33k.

ITPM Courses: UPST

iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM)

I initiated a short position on the Russell 2000 on the 1st of September 2023 and closed the trade on October 16th with a profit of $21k. The rational behind the trade was that rising interest rates will hurt small cap stocks the most. They are usually the most sensitive to economic changes.

ITPM Courses: IWM

Pinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)

PNFP is a regional bank in the US. The trade idea was that after the regional banking crisis in the first half of 2023 a lot stocks overreacted, so I bet on a bounce. This was a tail risk trade which is typically half position size and more time than hour usual 20-60 day horizon. I initiated the trade on June 27th and closed it on August 9th, although I was long the November calls. In hindsight, this was the right decision but usually I ride tail risk trades until expiry.

Recap 2023 Losers – What have been brutal losers for me?

In 2023 I had 23 full write offs (so full losses). 16 out of the 23 were full position size trades, the other 7 were tail risk trades or smaller position size. You see, although I had more than double the amount of full losses than winners, I still managed to make $112k or 71.3% in 2023. This is to asymetric payouts and good risk management. You will learn all of that in the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management ITPM Courses. One of the areas for me to work on in 2024 is definitely reducing full losses. One way to do this is by repairing them when they have for example lost around 50% of the premium paid.

Citigroup (C)

I was short Citi from 1st of September until December 15th 2023. The idea was banking stress and rising delinquencies. The trade workes quite okay in the beginning but then the stock rallied nearly 30%. I lost a full position, equal to around -$14k

ITPM Courses: C

CarMax (KMX)

I tried to short CarMax, a retailer of used cars in the US, multiple times last year but it never worked. My timing was off and their business was more resilient than I’ve anticipated. I thought the rising rates would hurt the consumer faster, but it didn’t. The stock lost me a total of around -$28k.

ITPM Courses: KMX

SPDR® S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE)

Speaking of consensus trades: on June 20th I initiated a short on US regional banks which was way too late to the party. The trade ended up losing a full position size of around -$13k.

ITPM Courses: KRE

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

On May 30th 2023 I initiated a short on Occidental Petroleum Corporation which expired worthless on August 18th. The trade cost me around -$13k. I thought global demand for oil will weaken because of declining economic acitvity. In the same time oil price rallied 16%.

ITPM Courses: OXY

Grocery Outlet Holding (GO)

Grocery Outlet engages in ownership and operation of a network of independent discount stores in the US. They provide daily products, like groceries, dairy and deli, fresh meat and seafood, but also clothing, health and beauty care and so on. The idea was, that rising inflation will boost their customer base short term, because people are always on the look out for a bargain. The consumer in the US was very resilient and they spent like nothing happend, which resulted in a full loss of around -$13k.

image 14

Pool Corporation (POOL)

Pool Corporation distributes swimming pool supplies, equipment, and related leisure products in the US. I initiated the position in December 2022 and closed it in April 2023. The idea was that because of rising inflation people will focus their spending on the essentials (e.g. groceries, see the trade above). But as said before, the US consumer was very resilient and I lost around -$12.4k.

image 15

Fortunately this trade was structured as a calendar spread and I was able to collect a good credit of around $3.4k. The overall loss of the trade was therefore net -$9k.

image 16

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