The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) offers best-in-class trading education. As an ITPM alumni who has gone through the PTM, IPLT and POTM myself I think I am more than qualified to make such a statement! For me, the ITPM education was a game changer and thanks to Anton and ITPM I am now a profitable retail trader. On top of that, I was mentored by Anton Kreil in 2022. But enough from me, if you are interested in what ITPM has to offer check out the article below! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time!

Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) Overview

ITPM is an online trading school founded by ex-Goldman Sachs and ex-professional trader Anton Kreil. The Institute is doing public events, like webinars (online) and seminars (offline) for various subjects, ranging from beginners to more advanced retail traders. Sometimes they are doing special webinars, like “the Warroom” or “the Implementation Webinar”. Anton Kreil is either presenting on his own or one of the other senior trading mentors is joining him!

The backbone of the ITPM education are their online trading courses. These are video formats, produced by Anton, Chris Quill and Raj Malhotra, you will consume on your own. This is a good format, as you can go over the videos again and again, adjusted to your own learning speed, and easy to pause and take notes.

Anyone who has done or is currently doing at least one course from the ITPM education is called an alumni. There is a special discord server solely for ITPM alumni. ITPM offers mentorings for anyone who needs help implementing the theory of the courses. People who want to combine this with vacation can book the Thailand mentoring. After 10 days in Phuket, Thailand, your 3 month remote mentoring starts. Everyone who has done or is currently doing a mentoring, can join the ITPM Society discord server which is a global trading community, housing the best of the best. Anton and the mentors are also very active on the server! I participated in the Thailand 2022 program and was mentored by Anton afterwards.

The Founder of ITPM Education – Anton Kreil


Anton Kreil is from Liverpool, UK. He started to be interested in financial markets and trading as a teenager, continuing when he joined university. Goldman Sachs, one of the best investment banks at that time, hired Anton soon after university. Anton later revealed one of his success formular: having a track record already before applying for a trading job. For an investment bank or hedge fund, this is the prove someone is able to a) learn a profession by him-/herself and b) has a strong work ethic.

After his time at Goldmans, Anton later joined Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan Chase. Anton retired from the world of investment banking in 2007.

Anton Kreil Bloomberg Resume

After travelling the world for a year he was hired by BBC for their TV programme “Million Dollar Traders”. The plot of the show was hiring a bunch of people who have never traded in their live, giving them a million dollar to trade. Antons job was to oversee the trading desk.

Thousand of people who saw the show wanted Anton to teach them trading as well. Anton decided to set up the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, ITPM. His goal is to teach and mentor people how to trade and invest properly in financial markets.

BBC Million Dollar Trader Anton Kreil is teaching traders during a  itpm training session.

During researching the retail trading industry, Anton realized the massive conflict of interest. Brokers who want people to daytrade to earn commissions or trading “gurus” who get commissions for introducing retail traders to brokers are two examples. Today, Anton is managing hundres of retail traders globally, growing the Institute, tradings, mentoring, and growin the ITPM community.

ITPM Education – Trading Courses

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management is currently offering four online trading courses. You can find detailed review of the content of each course here.

IPLT – Introduction to Professional Level Trading

The IPLT is an introduction to the thought-process of a Professional Trader – the ideal starting point as a retail trader. It will teach you how to assess opportunity and risk in any market. It is the introduction to the approach professional traders use – long / short portfolio management. Beside that it really is a volatility masterclass. Check out my review here!

PTM – Professional Trading Masterclass

The PTM is the flagship program from the ITPM education. It focuses on a full Professional Trader systematic, repeatable process in the U.S. Stock Market. The PTM is a macroeconomics, leading and lagging indicator masterclass. Retail traders will learn how to construct portfolios, everything about trade idea generation as well as psychology. For implementation, there are practical pre-emptive and reactive risk management tools and processes taugt. Check out my review here!

POTM – Professional Options Trading Masterclass

The POTM is the perfect addition to the IPLT and PTM video series because it will teach you to maximize your profits using leverage. It is a equity options masterclass, teaching you how to structure trades using options to maximize ROI. Retail traders will learn various useful option structures as well as not-useful to be avoided. You will learn directional strategies as well as portfolio hedging strategies. Check out my review here!

PFTM – Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass

The Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) is heavily focused on applied Macroeconomics with a heavy fundamental driven approach. It concentrates on global Currency (FOREX) markets. Professional Traders, Hedge Funds and Investment Bnaks use a systematic process to achieve outsized returns in the FOREX markets. There is no review from me for this course because I’ve not gone through it. I am focusing on equity options.

Which ITPM Education YOU Should do!

If you are on the beginning of your trading journey I am advising you to take the IPLT and PTM. This will set you up great! After trading some time on your own, you can step up your game by doing the POTM! It will enable you to maximize your ROI using options. Anybody interested in trading FOREX, the PFTM is the way to go.

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