ITPM Flash Ep21 – is a video series from the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM), founded by Anton Kreil, that provides market insights from the Institute’s senior trading mentors.

ITPM Flash Ep21 – Summary

In the video titled “ITPM Flash Ep21: Play Chess, Not Checkers,” Raj Mahra, a senior trading mentor at ITPM, discusses the impact of the Middle East conflict on financial markets and identifies potential investment opportunities in the cybersecurity sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • While the Middle East conflict is concerning, the broader market has shown a relatively flat response, with no major sectors experiencing significant declines.
  • Surprisingly, cybersecurity companies have displayed relative strength, despite Israel’s exposure to the conflict. This may be due to the growing significance of cyber warfare in modern conflicts.
  • Specific cybersecurity companies like Palo Alto Networks, Rapid 7, Zscaler, and CrowdStrike have witnessed notable stock price increases, outperforming broader tech ETFs.
  • Malhotra suggests that there are potential risk-reward trades in the cybersecurity sector, making it an attractive area for investors to explore.
  • In times of geopolitical events, creative thinking can lead to profitable opportunities in the market, akin to playing chess while others play checkers.

ITPM Flash Ep21 – Conclusion

The video provides insights into the resilience of the cybersecurity sector in the face of regional conflicts and offers investment ideas for those looking to navigate these turbulent times. It’s a reminder that opportunities can emerge even in challenging situations, and strategic thinking can lead to successful investments.


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