ITPM Flash Ep35 is a video series from the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM), founded by Anton Kreil, that provides market insights from the Institute’s senior trading mentors.


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ITPM Flash Ep35 – Summary

In this episode of ITPM flash Raj Malhotra talks about how real life events affect human behavior, a crucial skill traders should develop!

For example, 9/11 or COVID had lasting events on society. At the moment, a lot of US residents are concerned what is happening at the southern border. This will most likely have an influence on the next US election.

Raj mentioned that in 2023 US population grew at 1.50%.

image 3

But taking into account illegal immigration, around 2.5 million people entered the US in 2023 with numbers recently going up to 250k per month in December 2023.

image 4

Malhotra said that event liberals in big cities are fed up with that, because they also have to contribute with money they don’t have.

How can we Benefit as Traders?

The polls show that Biden is losing and Trump is gaining votes. One trend that already started is people getting fed up and moving out of big cities. People are sick of all the crimes and abandoning big cities. Raj thinks that this will lead to bigger migration to rural areas (see below).

image 5

Which stocks will benefit from this?

One company Raj found is Caseys General Stores (CASY). The stock has a $11B market cap and is the third largest convenient store in the US as well as the 5th largest pizza chain in the US. They operate in the more rural areas and are strong in the mid-west. There shops are located in rural areas where big chains, like Walmart are not there. Casey offer everything from clothes, food, gasoline, ev charging – they are a one-stop shop. Caseys is currently expanding to states that have strong population growth.

ITPM Flash Ep35 – Conclusion

As traders we have to think outside the box when coming to trade idea generation. There are awesome opportunities, all over the world at any given time. If you want to learn a repeatable process, check out the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM)!

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