ITPM Flash Ep36 is a video series from the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM), founded by Anton Kreil, that provides market insights from the Institute’s senior trading mentors.


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ITPM Flash Ep36 – Summary

In this episode of ITPM flash Ben Berggreen talks about how metals, especially gold and how it could present opportunities for traders.

If you take a look at the gold price you can see that gold is basically trading sideways for many years but recently broke out. On the chart below, Ben Berggreen included the COT – Committment of Traders – report for gold in which you can see an uptick recently. Ben suggests that for the data to be meaningful, it needs further confirmation.

image 7
Source: ITPM Flash, youtube

How does the general public view Gold?

A lot of people view gold as an inflation and crisis hedge. But this is, according to Ben, a common misconception as the gold price and USD price are inversly correlated. Gold is priced in USD and so does a weaker US Dollar attract new foreign buyers.

image 8
Source: ITPM Flash, youtube

As multiple crisis around the world are happening, there is more appetite for gold as a crisis hedge. Another factor that could support gold price is a rotation out of high valuation stocks into other areas of the market. Ben suggests, that as indices like the S&P500 have rosen a lot over the last few month and valuations are high (S&P forward PE is at around 20 vs. 15 average).


Copper is used as an industrial metal for various infrastructure applications, like electronics, equiptment, construction, transportation etc. Ben sees a pretty good change that the housing market will pick up steam. The push into electric vehicles also pushes the copper demand.

ITPM Flash Ep36 – Conclusion

There are some recent developments in metals that can present awesome trade ideas if you know, where to look at. Ben suggests gold and copper as some interesting fields to search for trade ideas.

As always, we traders need to do our own work and due dilligence on any stock we trade. There are no short-cuts in financial markets!

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