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ITPM Flash Ep45 – Summary

In this episode senior trading mentor Anthony Iser demonstrates one more time why he is the god of trade idea generation. In this episode the focuses on the US housing market.

The Macro Background

Macro economic indicators are down 14% top to trough which usually indicates a recession a head.

macro economic indicator
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Unemployment rate has ticked up recently which indicates weaker markets a head.

image 1
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The Sahm-rule says: when the labor market weakens, it tends to snowball which indicates weaker markets a head.

image 2
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Lumber prices have come down ober the last 2-3 month which indicates weaker economic conditions. Around 70-80% of US lumber demand come from US housing. This area could be a good one to look out for a possible trade idea generation.

image 3
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US Construction Sector

There is a shift in the US construction sector on it’s way. Existing home sales are ticking up and will be back in growth territory soon. This means, that more and more existing homes are coming to the market which will probably hurt construction companies. More Supply on the market means less demand for new constructions and reducing profitability of construction companies.

image 4
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ITPM Flash Ep45 – Conclusion (Trade Idea Generation)

Anthony Iser talks about shorting KBH (KB Homes) which is a US construction company. There are a big companies like TOL but they have a lot of cash buyers (so upper class). Smaller housing companies have illiquid options chains which make them hard to trade.

If you look at company metrics their profitability is declining which is good for Anthony’s thesis. He talks about initiating his trades with a classic options calendar spread.

image 5
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The options trade below is the one Anthony Iser said he put on (this is no financial advice). He buys 3X Jan 70 puts and sells 2X 70 Aug puts which is a 3:2 ratio calendar spread. His best scenario would be that the price stays above 70 in August so his short leg expires worthless. Afterwards the price needs to go down. He could sell another short leg in between August and January to raise additional credits a long the way.

image 6
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Risks of the Trade

If rates come down in the near future people could be stepping back into the housing market. There is a lot of demand waiting on the sideline. Anthony tries to mitigate this risk by going out longer than usual (until January) which is way longer than the usual 20-60 day time horizon. Another potential risk that balance sheets are quite strong. Companies won’t get into trouble that easy.

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