As someone who has gone through the Institutes Trading Courses: IPLT, PTM and POTM as well as a mentoring with Anton Kreil himself, I am more than qualified to review ITPMs content. ITPM helped me to become a profitable retail trader. On top of that I am an official ITPM affiliate which enables me to provide you with attractive discounts on ITPM courses. If you want to start your trading journey today, check out my reviews, discounts and if you have any questions left: feel free to contact me!

ITPM Review – Read my Personal Review of Anton Kreils ITPM Courses


The IPLT is an introduction to the thought-process of a Professional Trader – the ideal starting point as a retail trader

18+ Hours of Video Classes

All necessary Spreadsheet Templates

IPLT Exam and Certificate

* Price will be reduced after checkout


  • Assessment of Market/Asset Opportunity & Risk
  • Introduction to Long / Short Portfolio Management
  • Asset Volatility Masterclass
  • Implied vs. Realized Volatility


ITPMs – Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Review

The PTM is the flagship educational program. It focuses on a full Professional Trader systematic process in the U.S. Stock Market

67+ Hours of Video Classes

All necessary Spreadsheet Templates

PTM Exam and Certificate

* Price will be reduced after checkout


  • Repeatable Systematic Trading Framework
  • Assessment of Macroeconomics
  • Assessment of Leading / Lagging and Coincidence indicators
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Trade Idea Generation
  • Trading Psychology
  • Preemptive and Reactive Risk Management


ITPMs – Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) Review

The POTM is the perfect addition to the IPLT and PTM video series because it will teach you to maximize your profits using leverage

18+ Hours of Video Classes

All necessary Spreadsheet Templates

POTM Exam and Certificate

* Price will be reduced after checkout


  • Equity Options Masterclass
  • Structuring of Trades to maximize ROI
  • Useful & not-useful Options Trading Structures
  • Directional Options Strategies
  • Portfolio Hedging Strategies

Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Review

ITPM Courses - PFTM

The Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) is heavily focused on applied Macroeconomics with a heavy fundamental driven approach. It concentrates on global Currency (FOREX) markets. Professional Traders, Hedge Funds and Investment Bnaks use a systematic process to achieve outsized returns in the FOREX markets.

Disclaimer: I haven’t gone through the PFTM. I am not interested in FOREX trading hence there is no full review available. If you are interested in the course anyway, there is a DISCOUNT link available:

Why do I praise ITPM Courses and their Education at such a high-value?

As written in the ‘about me section’, I started to educate myself about financial markets in 2015. Like everyone I started to read some books, classics like ‘The Intelligent Investor from Benjamin Graham’, “Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki’ or ‘Reminiscences of a Stock Operator from Edwin Lefevre’. Soon I came to the conclusion that buy and hold must be the best thing to do. Why did I think that? Many books stated that even most professional traders can’t beat the market – so why should I? I came to the conclusion to better avoid ‘trading’ at all.

When I stumbled across the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) and Anton Kreil, I couldn’t imagine that this is real and thought it is yet another scam. My mind was so stubborn with the fact that ‘most traders lose money’. That’s why I didn’t want to give it a chance. After some research, unfortunately there wasn’t really a lot available. That is one reason why I wanted to write an ITPM Review, to help people make up a decision. Since then I went through various ITPM courses, webinars and the Thailand Mentoring – 3 month of mentoring with Anton Kreil. I haven’t regret anything one moment.

When I was in Thailand in April 2022 I met some of the other ITPM mentors: Anthony Iser, Edward Shek and Raj Malhotra. Beside classes, we had many hours of free time chatting with them. We talked about markets and other stuff which left a lasting impression on me. They alone have like 100 years of knowledge in financial markets and trading combined. They know what they are doing, they know what they are talking about, they know how to make money.

ITPM Discord

Later in 2022 the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) launched two Discord Servers. One for all the (former) mentees and one for ITPM Alumni (people who buy one or more ITPM courses). In the one for mentees, where I am part of, there is an active community. We talk about econimical releases, earnings, trade ideas, current developments and so on and so forth. The level of competence and knowledge of the community is outstandingly impressive, which is the result of ITPMs excellent education.

The mentors are quite active as well in the discord. They give feedback, write their thoughts about market developments, and give weekly webinars. Every webinar gives you additional inputs to think about or to tweak your process with. The depths of knowledge of the mentors still amaze me reguarly and to be able to keep in touch with them after the mentoring is priceless.

ITPM Review and Conclusion

Four years have passed since March 2019 and I haven’t been disappointed. ITPM, Anton or the other mentors are not spoonfeeding anyone trade ideas but they are teaching you a proper, repeatable and structured process to be self-sustainable and not dependend on anyone but yourself. Since starting my journey it has been incredibly interesting, valuable and profitable for me. Not only trading wise but also in other aspects of life.

ITPM Courses are not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or education. Trading is very difficult, stressful and not everybody is suited to do it. It needs dedication, money and first of all a self-starter mentality if you want to have the slightest chance to succeed. In my honest opinion, ITPM provides the best education on the market. It will bring the odds in your favor and improve your probability to become a profitable trader and succeed in the market.

What do former ITPM Students say about Anton Kreils Trading Courses?

ITPM Review – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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In my honest opinion ITPM provides the best trading education out there. ITPM courses provide you with a holistic, systematic process you can follow to bring the odds making money in your favor. BUT, you need no be willing to put in the work and have a strong work ethic. Don’t expect to get spoonfed by anyone, you have to commit, learn and do it by yourself! The courses will enable you and teach a repeatable process, but this is just the starting point of your journey. You will need to dig deeper into various aspects, find your own resources, update your spreadsheets, stay up-to-date and most important: show up week after week after week to do the work!

If you want to start your trading journey now, check out my detailed reviews of ITPMs courses on my website:

You can find my review of the Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT) here

You can find my review of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) here

You can find my review of the Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) here

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In the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) you will learn everyhting you need to know about currency (FOREX) trading. It is heavily focused on applied Macroeconomics with a heavy fundamental driven approach.

I have not gone through the PFTM because I am not interested in trading FOREX. I think there is enough opportunity in trading stocks.

If you are interested in doing the PFTM you can find a 50% DISCOUNT ON THE PFTM (Price will be reduced after checkout) >>> (AFFILIATE LINK)

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In the Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) you will lern everything you need about options. Options are instruments you can use to trade your identified trading ideas. You can always just trade the underlying stock but with options you get additional leverage and have some other benefits.

Options are not only useful for traders but for long only portfolios as well (e.g. pension portfolios) because you can use them to a) create additional income and b) to hedge your portfolio in times of uncertainty.

You can find my review of the Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) here

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ITPM offers anyone to become an Institute Trader who met the following conditions:

Why do you have to finish the PTM video series before? Well, ITPM wants to keep a minimum level of education that guarantees that people know what they are doing. Anton Kreil once said that “90% of retail traders lose 90% of their capital in 90 days”. Doing ITPMs trading courses will bring the odds massively in your favor of becoming an profitable retail trader. Of course there is no guarantee in life.

There is no obligation to become an Institute Trader but it has some opportunities and no downside. ITPM has contracts with brokers – zero introducing brokerage agreements which guarantee that the brokers don’t bet against you. On the other hand you have premium support from the brokerage firm if needed. I’ve experienced it myself and got response times of usually <15 minutes during opening hours.

It is most important to know that you are dealing with a professional broker that won’t “screw you over” and there is no downside in becoming an Institute Trader. I recommend everyone to do it, after successfully doing the PTM course.

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No, he definitely is not! I have met Anton Kreil first in 2022 when I did the ITPM Thailand Mentoring Program and he was my mentor for 12 weeks afterwards. He is a brutally honest guy who can appear ungently sometimes but he knows his craft. Anton knows how to trade and make money in financial markets – that is for sure. This also related to the other ITPM senior mentors that I have met as well. In my honest opinion, ITPM and the mentors provide the best trading education available out there!

Yes, he makes wrong calls like every other (professional) trader but he made some insanely timely calls during my mentoring as well. I would guess his Win/Loss ratio is around 60/40 which is really good for a trader. With the asymetric payout we want to achieve you can make a killing with such a ratio.

I am still in touch with Anton from time to time as I update him on my performance. If I have hard times or a period of bad trades it is good to have someone to chat to and get affirmation!

ITPM is doing seminars on a regular basis for people with different trading knowledge, ranging from absolute newcomers to more advanced traders. The seminars are done either by Anton Kreil or one of the senior trading mentors. The topics are different and range from trading for beginners, explaining the ITPM process, providing insights in the trading industry, financial market developments, options strategies and structures, webinars with former mentees (like me – check it out!). If you are interested in my performance after the mentoring, check out my post!

Some of the webinars are free, some cost a few bucks and some cost around $50-$100. If you want to stay up-to-date and inform yourself about the next webinars, check out the ITPM seminars website.

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As an Institute Trader you have many benefits but no downside. There is no obligation to become an Institute Trader. If you want to know how to become an Institute Trader, check out this FAQ.

I will explain some of the benefits here but you can find the complete list on ITPM’s website. It is important to know that you are dealing directly with the broker and the account is on your name.

No Conflict on Interest

Anton Kreil and the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management are using “Zero Percent Rebate Agreements”. They cooperate with best in class brokerage firms that have to sign ITPM contracts and not the other way around. ITPM has a large community of retail traders and thus some kind of “pricing power”. Brokers that want to do business with the community full of Institute Traders, have to eliminate all conflict of interest, like betting against an Institute Trader by taking the other side of the trade. ITPM doesn’t get anything in return for introducing Institute Traders to the brokers, like commissions or spread rebates. For other so called “trading educators” this is common practice and an lucrative income stream (called: “Introducing Broker Agreements”).

Economies of Scale

As stated above, the Institute Trader community has become quite big which brings power to ITPM. Bad broker behavior will be punished by ITPM and the community of Institute Traders.

24h Support

When you have a problem as an Institute Trader you normally have a key account manager at your disposal 24/7. The response times are usually real quick and any problems will be resolved within a reasonable time. The key account manager will help you setting up your account and will answer any questions.

Many more benefits

There are more benefits you can check out on ITPMs website, ranging from hedge fund placements, community intelligence or getting an independent track record. If you have any questions, you can also contact me any time!

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My trading ‘career’ started a little while back in 2015, where I started to seriously learn about financial markets. In the beginning I read about various strategies like day trading, buy-and-hold, swing trading and even went to see a financial advisor. After a few years of mainly buy-and-hold investing I started to educate myself about trading. Around 2017 I’ve stumbled upon ITPM and Anton Kreil, sceptical at first but I gave it a try! Fastforward a few years I am now profitably trading on my own!

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The first course is definitely the Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT). It sets you up with all the basic information you will need as a trader. You will lern were to find opportunity in every market environment, what’s volatility, how to calculate it and why you need to understand it.

You can find a detailed review of the course here: Review of Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

The backbone of ITPMs trading edcuation is the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM). In over 67 hours of video you will lern a holistic trading process: from macro economic indicators to trade idea generation and risk management.

You can find a detailed review of the course here: Review of Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM)

Find detailed review of ITPM courses on my website. If you want to save 50% check out my discount codes! As an official ITPM affiliate I can offer you 50% Reduction on ITPM courses!

Anton Kreil is an ex-Goldman Sachs trader who went into trading education after reitrement. Since founding ITPM, he has taught thousands of retail traders how to be successfull in financial markets.

He started trading during school at the age of sixteen. During university, he became profitable and was later hired by Goldman Sachs. After a few years at Goldman’s, he moved back to London to trade their Long / Short Pan European Equities desk. Anton later worked for Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, before doing the BBC TV show “Million Dollar Traders”. After the show he received thousand of messages from retail traders around the world, asking him to teach them trading. This was the time he realized the massive conflicts of interest in the retail trader industry and decided to start his own trading school – the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, ITPM. If you are interested in ITPMs trading courses, check out my ITPM reviews!

If you want to see where Anton Kreils has worked prior to founding The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) check out his professional trader registration!

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Recap 2022-2023: How I made more than $170,000 or 163% profit trading Stock Options

Thanks to the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management ITPM Courses, Anton Kreil and my own commitment! Take a look at the webinar I did in 2022 after my mentoring with Anton Kreil for proof of portfolio starting amount!