The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management is holding regular live webinars as well as live in person seminars. The subject changes in regards of the targeted audience. There are a lot of webinars for beginners, aiming to bring ITPMs approach to trading the financial markets to you. Beside that, there are some webinars for ITPM alumni (students who have done or currently doing one of the online trading courses). The prices range from free to $50-100 bucks.

All of the ITPM Seminars are on “Eventbrite”, I’ve linked ITPMs eventbrite website here. You can also check out ITPMs website directly!

ITPM Seminars on eventbrite website
ITPM Seminars

ITPM Seminars – The War Room

Out of all ITPM seminars I’ve attended I liked “the War Room” the most. It was a format they did during the COVID outbreak in 2020. The ideas was to have an hour a day over two weeks, going over relevant macro data and trade ideas. Every day another trading mentor joined the War Room on the side of Anton. Each participant was compelled to contribute with a trade idea each day. The best and also worst ideas got feedback from Anton or one of the trading mentors. I’ve learned a lot during this time thanks to this format!

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ITPM Seminars – Implementation Conference

The Implementation Conference was another great example of ITPM seminars. I’ve joined it I think at the end of 2019. It was a whole day, packed with a ton of information, presented either by Anton or one of the mentors. The goal was, to help ITPM alumni implement the theory of the courses. It was there that I learned how to use market cap to my advantage, how to structure options, or how to analyse a balance sheet correctly. Everything with pratical examples, ready to use it in the real world!

Seminars From ITPM Senior Trading Mentors

Every few weeks, one of ITPM’s Senior Trading Mentors hosts a webinar, most of which are free. Their primary audience consists of new retail traders who have not yet undergone any of ITPM’s Education. The topics covered range from current macroeconomics to the Thailand Mentoring Program or specific narratives like “A.I.”. These webinars provide retail traders with the opportunity to submit questions either in advance or live during the webinar via chat.

Since discovering ITPM, I attended many of these free webinars and was immediately impressed. The mentors’ level of knowledge exceptionally high. Unfortunately, in a one-hour webinar, they can touch on the surface of any topic. Nontheless, I have gained at least one to two valuable insights from each webinar I attended.