What is the ITPM Thailand Mentoring?

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) offers two types of mentoring. First, a 3-month remote mentoring program with one of ITPM’s Senior Trading Mentors. Second, a combined in-person and remote mentoring program – the ITPM Thailand Mentoring Program. You will start with a 10-day “Workation” in Thailand and afterwards complete your 3-month mentoring program with either Anton Kreil himself or one of the Senior Trading Mentors.

One of the big advantages of the Thailand Mentoring Program is meeting many like-minded people. When I did it back in 2022, we were 28 people in Thailand, plus a few people joining online. During the 10 days, we had 5 days of classes with a day off in between for group work. It was awesome to work with people who pursue the same goal as you. I made many good connections, and we still keep in touch as a group.

What is the price of either the remote or Thailand mentoring program?

As far as I know, you will get the price when applying for one on their website. ITPM provides excellent quality, which comes at a price.

Decision to do a Thailand Mentoring

In the first months of 2021, I thought about doing a mentoring for the first time. After completing the PTM 1.0 and trading on my own for roughly a year, I made some money, and I lost some money. I felt a little stuck because my PnL was not really moving. It felt like I needed help implementing the theory I’d learned in ITPM’s educational programs. The only question was whether I should do a remote program or the ITPM Thailand mentoring program.

For me, it was clear that I wanted to meet and connect with like-minded people, hence I decided to do the Thailand mentoring. In March 2021, I applied for it on the institute’s website, and two weeks later I was in a call with Anton Kreil. We talked about my background, my goals, and which mentor would suit me. After the call, it was clear that I wanted to do the mentoring with Anton.

Preparation for the ITPM Thailand Mentoring

After I had booked the ITPM Thailand mentoring, I had a little over a year to prepare myself for it. I knew I had to hustle to get the most out of it and come prepared as best as I could! As mentioned before, the mentoring is not cheap, and I am not a fan of wasting money.

Which trading courses did I do prior to the Thailand mentoring?

With the mentoring, you will get access to all ITPM trading courses. I had already undergone the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM), so I continued with the Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM). I think later in 2021, the relaunch of the Professional Trading Masterclass, the PTM 2.0, was launched together with the Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT). When they came out, I went through them as quickly as possible to finally start trading again.

The only course I did not take was the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM). I watched some of the videos, especially the videos about macroeconomics, which are quite helpful, but I am not into currency trading at all.

How did I prepare for the mentoring?

After I had completed the courses mentioned above, I started to organize my process. Part of that was saving all the relevant spreadsheets, bookmarking the data sources, and knowing when which macroeconomic data is released. The most important part was organizing the trade idea generation process. How to organize this process? Just by generating one idea after another, searching for data sources like Koyfin, Seekingalpha, Shortsqueeze, etc., practicing and constantly tweaking the process. I got used to reading earnings calls transcripts, reading investor relations presentations, and 10-Ks. I created spreadsheets and templates to gain efficiency in my process, and before I flew to Thailand, I had generated around 50-60 ideas already. This helped me massively when we had to come up with ideas during the group works.

ITPM Thailand Mentoring

When I arrived in Thailand, I felt well-prepared. I knew I had my sources, information, spreadsheets, and templates organized and could focus on the relevant aspects. I didn’t have to start with the basics.

How did the daily routine in Thailand look like?

As mentioned before, we were around 28 people in Thailand and four mentors (Anton Kreil, Raj Malhotra, Ed Shek, and Anthony Iser). We were split into two groups, depending on the size of your portfolio. I was in the group with Anton and Ed.

During the 10-day “Workation”, we had 5 days of classroom and 5 days of groupwork/recreation. We were put together in groups of four where we had to organize ourselves and work on generating trade ideas during the days in between classrooms. In the evenings on classroom days, there was something planned in the evening, like dinner, going to a club, or a pool party at Anton’s place.

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Thailand 2022 Group

On the first day of the ITPM Thailand mentoring, Anton and Ed showed us some examples of good traders, gave us some templates, and set us up for the following days. In the evening, we went to a nice restaurant to have dinner altogether. We then had two days over the weekend to generate one long trade idea in the group, which someone had to present on Monday. Your idea was then picked apart by Anton and Ed. They were harsh, but it was justified. I later talked with Anton about it, and his response was that they only have limited time to bring us on the right track. They don’t have time for niceties, which makes total sense in hindsight.

I was glad I had a group of three hustlers, who weren’t afraid of hard work. In between classrooms, we worked all day long, beside breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few quick breaks in the pool, to come up with our best ideas.

The presentation of nearly all ideas on the following Monday was rather worse than good. The feedback was devastating, so we decided in our group of four to work even harder on the following day. In the evening, we went to a beach club together for dinner and a little party, but all we had in mind was the following day. After breakfast, we started early: the goal was to come up with a short idea. We worked all day long until midnight to come up with an idea.

The presentation went okay at that time, but I think we didn’t get a green light to put the trade in the end. After the classroom, we went to Anton’s place for a pool party. It was an afternoon with good food, a DJ, and a lot of talks about stocks and trading.

The following day we had to generate one long and one short idea. We worked until 1am to come up with our best ideas, and it was my time to present the long idea on the next day. I remember the name; it was “CHEF”, a specialty food wholesaler.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purpose only and no investment advice. Always do your own research! Read the disclaimer here >>>

The thesis was that restaurants are opening again, and there is always a market for luxury. They were also digitalizing their service via a mobile app at that time. We got a green light to put the trade on, although in the end, it didn’t work out, and I lost the position. But it was a good feeling to come up with something that was approved by Anton and Ed. This night was the last night in Thailand, and we headed to a nice dinner and a club afterward. It was the first time I could relax and have some fun!

My flight was departing in the evening on the last day, so I decided to go to the beach. It was the first time during the whole trip. I felt tired and worn-out, but I knew it was only the beginning of an awesome journey.

Remote Online Mentoring with Anton Kreil

One week after I came back from the ITPM Thailand mentoring, I had the first remote mentoring session with Anton Kreil. The goal was to get a full book of 8 to 10 positions up as quickly as possible. The schedule: one call (1 to 1 ½ hours) per week, every Saturday around noon. Each week I had to present at least one trade idea plus my preferred options structure to Anton. We discussed the idea, and if he gave me a green light, we looked at the option chain to see if there was a better structure available.

I progressed well, and after 5 weeks, I had 8 positions in my portfolio. The most important aspect was that I had a few ideas in petto, so I was able to present 2-3 ideas per week to Anton instead of one.

After reaching the 8 positions, we switched from adding new positions every week to concentrate more on risk management. Each week we discussed various situations, price targets, and actions I had to take throughout the week. We created a game plan.

I loved the structure I had during the mentoring. I generated one solid trade idea per week on Friday. On Saturday, before the call, I updated my spreadsheet and looked for good structures for my trades. After the call, I was finished for the weekend. On Monday, I initiated new trades and monitored macro data. I’ve never achieved this level of discipline after the mentoring, but it’s also good to have some flexibility in your process!

Time After the ITPM Thailand Mentoring Program

Since August 2022, I am trading on my own and, as you can see, quite successfully! I still tweak my process from time to time, and with each trade idea generated, I gain efficiency. One solid trade idea now takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. I can do everything related to trading in 8-12 hours per week.

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!

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