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No, he definitely is not! I have met Anton Kreil first in 2022 when I did the ITPM Thailand Mentoring Program and he was my mentor for 12 weeks afterwards. He is a brutally honest guy who can appear ungently sometimes but he knows his craft. Anton knows how to trade and make money in financial markets – that is for sure. This also related to the other ITPM senior mentors that I have met as well. In my honest opinion, ITPM and the mentors provide the best trading education available out there!

Yes, he makes wrong calls like every other (professional) trader but he made some insanely timely calls during my mentoring as well. I would guess his Win/Loss ratio is around 60/40 which is really good for a trader. With the asymetric payout we want to achieve you can make a killing with such a ratio.

I am still in touch with Anton from time to time as I update him on my performance. If I have hard times or a period of bad trades it is good to have someone to chat to and get affirmation!

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