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As an Institute Trader you have many benefits but no downside. There is no obligation to become an Institute Trader. If you want to know how to become an Institute Trader, check out this FAQ.

I will explain some of the benefits here but you can find the complete list on ITPM’s website. It is important to know that you are dealing directly with the broker and the account is on your name.

No Conflict on Interest

Anton Kreil and the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management are using “Zero Percent Rebate Agreements”. They cooperate with best in class brokerage firms that have to sign ITPM contracts and not the other way around. ITPM has a large community of retail traders and thus some kind of “pricing power”. Brokers that want to do business with the community full of Institute Traders, have to eliminate all conflict of interest, like betting against an Institute Trader by taking the other side of the trade. ITPM doesn’t get anything in return for introducing Institute Traders to the brokers, like commissions or spread rebates. For other so called “trading educators” this is common practice and an lucrative income stream (called: “Introducing Broker Agreements”).

Economies of Scale

As stated above, the Institute Trader community has become quite big which brings power to ITPM. Bad broker behavior will be punished by ITPM and the community of Institute Traders.

24h Support

When you have a problem as an Institute Trader you normally have a key account manager at your disposal 24/7. The response times are usually real quick and any problems will be resolved within a reasonable time. The key account manager will help you setting up your account and will answer any questions.

Many more benefits

There are more benefits you can check out on ITPMs website, ranging from hedge fund placements, community intelligence or getting an independent track record. If you have any questions, you can also contact me any time!

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